can be considered to be the making of jewelry, flatware, and other artifacts out of cast or fabricated metal. Moon Star Studio sports a fully equipped metalworking shop, including fabrication stations, soldering stations, kilns, vacuum and centrifugal lost-wax casting facilities, hand- and mass-media finishing stations, rolling mill and corrugation station.

We accept both paying students and laboring apprentices, as well as welcoming skilled metalworkers who wish to share studio space.

Paying Students can select their course of study and hours with instruction and in-studio. Rates for paying students are: $20/hr for an individual, +$5/hr for each additional student pursuing the same course of study. In-studio time is charged at $10/hr while they need supervision, $5/hr once they graduate to shop-safe status.

Course Offerings:
Beading & Wire Wrapping
Basic Fabrication
Hand and Machine Finishing
Wax Modeling
Mass Finishing

Studio Space can be leased by current or former students or by skilled metalworkers wishing to share the facilities. Basic rates are the same as for paying students, although longer and repeated sessions paid in advance are entitled to a discount. Shop-safe individuals may pay $75/month for unlimited access.

Laboring Apprentices do not pay for their instruction or studio time with money. Instead they make a commitment of time (as little as 4 hours every two weeks), during which they receive instruction and work on their own and the studio's projects. The order of their lessons is driven by studio needs, although it is a goal of the studio to keep apprentices learning rather than solely performing repetitive tasks.
For more information on becoming a student or an apprentice, or to share studio space, contact us!

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