LongArm Quilting at

Student Sample

Here's just a selection of some of the quilts our students have made and longarmed during and after their training...

Doodle a Quilt

Anne completed this quilt, approximately 70" x 70", in her first marathon Doodle session, taking about 6 hours.

As this detail shows, she used two different patterns to make the quilting interesting: loops in the yellow areas and a back-and-forth pattern called Landscape in the red. The green and multicolored areas were left unquilted; this made them "puff up" nicely.

Mastery - First Quilt

Here's a sample of a first quilt done by Sue, who really worked on her pen-and-paper practice before starting. She used a different freehand pattern for each of the outer eight blocks, and did grid quilting behind the center leaf.

While many of the freehand patterns were "easy", here's a close-up of the last pattern, which evokes maple leafs, including veins.

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